This is Ålands Utvecklings Ab

Why Ålands Utvecklings Ab?

Ålands Utvecklings Ab (ÅUAB) is focused on actively providing advice, intellectual assistance and risk capital. All of which will be managed in the best commercial manners and developing business sectors in order to contribute to a positive development of businesses throughout Åland. ÅUAB's business goal is to actively invest in growing companies and helping them to realize their development potential while increasing employment, export earnings and profitability in the Åland business sector.


ÅUAB is Åland's regional government venture capital company that invests public funds in young unlisted companies related to and located on Åland.

Our goals

The aim of the operation at ÅUAB is to:

· Increase the number of employment oppurtunities in the Åland Islands

· Increase revenue from export-based goods and services

· Create a broadened business structure through innovations

· Create more work oppurtunities in rural areas throughout the Åland archipelago

· Increase occupancy

· Increase the number of female entrepreneurs and board deputies

· Create a positive change in society


These goals contribute to growth in the Åland Islands. To achieve the goals, ÅUAB must:


· Continue to develop an efficient venture capital company through developing systematic and efficient practices in the evaluation of projects, financial reviews of the developing companies, shareholder agreements, board work and business development

· Increase the number of prospective projects and investments by arranging symposiums and information opportunities for existing and prospective entrepreneurs

· Develop an effective network of financiers as well as business advisors

· Develop a business angel network


The scope of the business is:

· Around 15 active development companies

· A time horizon 5-8 years

· The goal is to create mature and efficient companies

Board Work  

The board is appointed by Ålands Landskapsregering and makes all investment decisions. The investment activities are then lead by the company's CEO, Marika Fagerlund. Our closest partner in the ÅLR is the Enterprise Department, where the ERUF-programme among other programmes is handled.

ÅUAB's and ÅFAB's board members, 2020

Cecilia Jansson

Project Manager, Smart Marina

Lennart Joelsson

Responsibilities: Project Manager, Smart Marina


Marika Fagerlund

Responsibilities: Preparing cases, financial monitoring, financial reports, liquidity analyzes, advice

Financial Manager

Kairi Jõesalu

Responsibilities: Expert at Interreg Europe, preparing cases, financial monitoring, financial reports, liquidity analyzes, advice. Project Smart Marina. 

Contact us

You can find us at:

Elverksgatan 10,

22100 Mariehamn

Åland, Finland 

+358 (0) 18 15950

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